Friday, July 24, 2009

The Post as Requested

It was supposed to be funny , but i forget half of the part of the joke xD

For me i sees it quite funny xD

My chemistry teacher told a joke to us ( we are suppose to laugh at it ><)

Well, we learned about types of chemical reaction.

Then there is Displacement, Synthesis , Decomposition and etc . . .


Single Displacement:

A, B, C

B and C are room mates . C and B does not get along well with each other. Then, C meet with A. A is more acitve than B. Hence, B and A are friends.

Double Displacement:


AB+ CD -----> AD + CB

A and C switch their partners because they do not get along well with their room mate. Then A meet up with D and C meet up with B.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I need a Good Luck charm! or safety charm o. O?

Well just having a bad day today ==
Gonna keep this post short .

Things not going the way I want it to be !!

……….<something is missing> …………….. < and here>……… <here ! >,…….

AND !!!


Let’s see, something weird happened , nothing to do with anyone .

Is with something !!

Black Out and fainted suddenly at home , after my shower ==
like for a while (am i supposed to blog about it) oh well : X

Cant stop thinking about what i saw ==
Oh Well, Cannot Sleep D =.=’’

Monday, July 20, 2009

Crystal Fountain at Pavillion xD


Lazy to blog about here. Went to pavilion to have dinner with family and my mum want to see the fountain xD

Crystal Fountain

Just Like An Ordinary Day ^^

Was Friday ,

Go to college

Then to badminton at Tropicana

And then watch a movie at Tropicana City .

Watched Harry Potter  >: D

Have dinner at Tropicana City

Ate at Kimchi Restaurant ( With Kelvin, Yi Zheng and Wei Siang)

Vegetable Pancakes

Vegetable Pancakes

Wei Siang's Beef meal or something

Some Beef ~~

Some Kimchi thing ~

If i can remember, is come kimchi food , Forgot xD shared it with yi zheng


Kelvin posing with his food(kimchi)

Look Here !! Snap xD

(Kelvin posed with his meal – kimchi meal)

Overall, great movie and meal = D, although was a bit costly !!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Outsiders


Currently reading : (College’s Novel - English)



Monday, July 6, 2009

Movie marathon ;) during the 1 month break ;p

[Late post/ updated]

Have a 1 month break, after finished my exams, went to watch Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs [not 3D] at Cathay Cineleisure , Platinum Movie Suites.

RM 25 per screening, but quite worth it !!!


Very nice movie = D with effects :p
Ice Age 3 is just hilarious haha xD

Funny Characters :


Buck – Weasel [ the crazy one ]


Sid – Sloth [ being mummy to those eggs ] wth xD


Diego – Saber tooth [ from bad to good ] Hero @>@


Ellie and Manny -  Mammoth [ Manny dam funny lol !! ]


Crash and Eddie – some kind of rat [ funny rats ]


Scrat & Scratte -  Think of it the male is scrat and female is Scratte [ extra te] wonder why ?


Baby Dinos and Momma Dino !!

Ice Age 3

Starting of semester 2

Went back to college for registration of units ==

Biology, Chemistry, Math, English.

Sigh ==
Have to get a average of 90 …..

Class commencing 2moro, thank god only have 1 class =D

To YuMing : I already inform to the whole world


Don’t know what to blog about , All words ==



Harry Potter is coming = D
16.07.09 !!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Night With The Phantom = D


It Wont Be In Text Form, Pictures described everything ^^

(Pictures taken with my camera phone :P )

A Night With The Phantom

Date : Monday, 29th June 2009,

Time :  7.00pm   6.30 pm

Venue: Sunway University College

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Went With My Friends : Yi Zheng, Kelvin Low, Wei Siang ,  Yu Ming and his date !

The Menu = DThe Menu Of The Day = D


6 Main CoursesMenu

Tried the cocktail and mocktail ^^ not bad .. = D

Sparkling Apple ~!

Welcome Drink. If not mistaken is sparkling apple – served in a test tube :/ is it safe i wonder ( free from chemicals and all )

Some lime juice with herbs "/

Almost forgot , this drink as well  = ? (herbs, lime and etc …. ) didn’t specified what drinks is it :/

Then an opening speech and = D food !!! 

Les Legumes !

Les Legumes – greens, leafs, seeds, pods, flowers, manuka balsamic

Quite nice = D

Soupe a l’Oignon

Soupe a l’Oignon – fresh onion soup, deconstructed

There is a ball of cheese in the soup. The Chef said used your tongue and played with the cheese ball ! !!! LOL = D

Then we have Saumon d’Ecosse et Edamame which is Scottish Salmon, slow cooked ; puree of edamame ; salad of appel-fennel

( sigh == forget to take the picture of it :p) its tasty = D

Mangosteen Sherbet

Then we have a break for a while and they served Mangosteen Sherbet .. = D very nice

Baeuf Wagyu et Foie Gras

Baeuf Wagyu et Foie Gras – Wagyu Beef, braised ;  ravioli of foie gras ; baby vegetable

Fruit De La Passion et Tomate

Fruit De La Passion et Tomate – mousse passion fruit; macaron; candied tomato =  D

Guanaja Chocolat

Guanaja Chocolat – valrhona guanaja chocolat, five textures.

came to the last meal, chocolates == , damn full =/ got hyper eating chocolate ! lmao

Finished at 10.30pm and then head back to home  ^^ but overall the food is tasty = D