Saturday, November 26, 2011

SausageFest 2011

SausageFest 2011, where local bands come perform, to help the kids by buying sausages.
*on a note all picture will be BW*

The event was held at Laundry Bar, The Curve on the 24th November at 9.00pm. It's the last gig and it's a blast :D

Upon registration under bloggers/media , each of us was given a goodie bag with lots and lots of stuff in it.

To get a sausage album it's only RM30. All funds will go towards the charity. Didn't manage to get the album by An Honest Mistake for RM20 only :/ 

The goodies bag by Durex.

Our MC of the day from the band Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob

The first band to perform today was by Seconds to Collide

And follow by An Honest Mistake, didn't manage to catch them during their performances at Subang Jaya last time. It's good to catch them here at Laundry Bar, The Curve.


The band was led by Darren and Sheryl.

Head banging XD!

Sheryl, the lead singer in the band
Another shot of head banging :P 
Had a great time listening to their music.

And before the next band perform (while waiting for them to set up) the first lucky draw of the day

Won by some lady. Lucky her! Missed the first draw.

The next band to perform was Car Crash Heart, first time seeing this band in action.

And yes was awaiting for Rosevelt to perform :D

 Nick Davis - Vocals
Bryan Chin - Drums
Kushal Kumar - Bass
Joshua Desmond - Guitars
Jeffery Wong - Guitars

Can't wait to catch them in Penang again!! 

And the last band of the day to perform was by Once upon a time there was a sausage name Bob

A great way to end the event. Another band which I never heard before. They perform a few of their songs and one of them was Shut Your Monkey 

Overall, love the local bands and it was a great performances!

Sausages for RM3 per stick for START society. 

Overall, they managed to raised RM1300 for START society

 To know more about START society, Click here