Friday, December 17, 2010

18 Dec 2010 - Penang Beach Party Carnival 2010

Information from :

18 Dec 2010
Asia/Kuala Lumpur
Date : 18 December 2010
Time : 7am - 11pm
Location : Batu Ferringhi Golden Sand Beach

  • Beach Marathon
  • Beach Futsal
  • Jigsaw Competition
  • Dragon Boat Race
  • Miss Penang Beach Carnival
  • Skimboarding
  • Beach Volleyball


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trishaw @ #Malacca, Jonker Street #travel #malaysia

Trishaw @ Jonker Street

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moon Photography :) #nature

While everyone was watching the badminton match LCW vs Lindan, i was busy taking pictures of the moon :P Heard that the moon was blue or something so out of curiosity i went and took pictures of the moon and spending more time with nature – future environmentalist/biotech haha xD ~ .

After selected from the bunch of pictures taken, got all the nice one :D Enjoy ^^v Sorry for my noob skills xD~

And some pictures, if you can see it clearly or your imagination is wide enough, there’s erm figures in it !

Date : 22.11.2010
Location: Anywhere Everywhere ~

DSC_0150# 1
















# 10


# 11

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taiwan Trip Day 2 :)

Sorry for the long overdue post was busy with my exams >w<! & Finally it’s over !!  
Here’s the post for Taiwan – Day 2 !

The very next day after we arrived at Taiwan, we were brought to the Museum to see some jades and stuff. No photography were allowed through out the tour at the museum.
Picture 134
So after the tour around the museum, we were than allow to take some pictures [ outside the museum], and we were also rushing to our next destination..
Some shots around the museum…
Picture 137

Picture 138 Picture 149 Picture 150

And of course our very own superstar :) Isn’t he just too adorable to post for us :p

Picture 155Nobody, nobody but you! [mimicking]
Picture 151
* Too much cuteness ! :O
After the shots, we were than back to bus for an hour or two drive to our next destination !
Along the way was bored ~ So got some few snapshots ! [ in the bus]

Picture 172 Picture 174

Picture 175 Picture 177

And finally we reached our next destination :)

Picture 179

Where you see rocks everywhere :OPicture 180Picture 186Picture 195 Picture 194

Since its a one week trip and it’s all around Taiwan! So we were rushing to every places we go… Tiring but fun :) So another few hours drive till we reached a town and we had our lunch there :P

Picture 240
Picture 242 Picture 245
Had our lunch here :) Pork/Chicken/Beef/Fillet Fish with mee on hot plate.
Picture 254 Picture 257
Picture 260Some kid with a dog! thought wasn’t real till it moves…
Picture 259
As usual posing :) *chio!!

After lunch and everything waited for the train for approx 2 hours ~ To our next destination Xin Cheng (Taroko).

Day 2 - Taiwan Trip 
And some shots in the train :P
Picture 282 Picture 281

When we reach our destination, took some pictures around the station before boarding the bus :D

Picture 311 Picture 312 Picture 314 This the place we’re heading. By the time we reach its almost night time .

Picture 317

Performance by the local.

And after the performance and all off to dinner. Was hungry throughout the performance… and an hour drive to the place we’re going to have our dinner !
Picture 331


Day 2 - Taiwan Trip(food) Day 2 - Taiwan Trip(food1)