Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Creepy Post. If you are scared don’t click on it :)


Just got back from dinner and saw something sparkling wondering what is it ?

Oh is a bug :) So rare to find one which is green in color !
For those who hate BUGS ! Hehe this post is all about bugs :)

Sees something ---> Snaps Snaps ---> Blog about it ---> Share :)
As we know sharing is caring ;)

So i’mma snap a lot of pictures and choose all those nice one :O And i treat the bug( some kind of beetle) as my slave to promote my blog hehe .

IMG_0837 IMG_0832

See so shy :| like me ! Hiding its head ! Like play erm Hide And Seek :)

Beetle : Ok I’m Counting ! 10,9,8,7,6,5…..
Me: No haven’t lar ! Snaps Snaps

Beetle: 0 ! Seeking time :D Eh how come are you still here !
*can see the head here :)
Me: Snaps snaps (:

Me: Now you have to pay me for taking your pictures as a model !
Beetle : Huh ? Evil !

Ya so the beetle have to help me do some promoting !