Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Like An Ordinary Day ^^

Was Friday ,

Go to college

Then to badminton at Tropicana

And then watch a movie at Tropicana City .

Watched Harry Potter  >: D

Have dinner at Tropicana City

Ate at Kimchi Restaurant ( With Kelvin, Yi Zheng and Wei Siang)

Vegetable Pancakes

Vegetable Pancakes

Wei Siang's Beef meal or something

Some Beef ~~

Some Kimchi thing ~

If i can remember, is come kimchi food , Forgot xD shared it with yi zheng


Kelvin posing with his food(kimchi)

Look Here !! Snap xD

(Kelvin posed with his meal – kimchi meal)

Overall, great movie and meal = D, although was a bit costly !!

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