Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To all vegetarian lover & non-vegetarian :)

Went for lunch with my mum and grandparents at this vegetarian shop which is located at Subang Jaya. The food there is awesome (: Seriously nice compare to other vegetarian shop that I went before and I want to share it with you all :) Thumbs up !

Below is the address :

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That’s the shop, for those who ish blur with maps ( like me!). 

So I ordered this Mushroom Fried Rice which is at RM8.90. Tasted very good and it looks good too haha :p

Mushroom fried rice Mushroom fried rice

My mum and grandparents ate those mixed rice( the one where you pick your dishes).

 Fried rice

My mum took the fried rice which tasted good too and grandparents had the brown rice.Vegetarian Sushi ! The vegetarian sushi. Wrap with the stuff which uses to make chee cheong fan. Inside is all vegetables. Another dish I like i too :)

Potato and mushroomPotato and mushroom !

 Bitter gourd and mushroom and fu chokVegetable + Black fungus :) Bitter gourd + mushroom + fu chok  and some vegetables+ black fungus and its sour and spicy :) Taste good !

Tofu   The tofu ! :)

The dish is about RM 2 or RM3 per plate or you decided to take individual which is at different price.

They have a lot more but these are what we ate and the ones we liked :)

Guess what they have Bat Kut Tea !! (Vegetarian Bat Kut Teh haha )

Forget to take the menu pictures so have to use the order sheet as reference :p

For those vegetarian lovers and non-vegetarian feel free to check out the shop :)

Cheers !

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Herbal soup

By the look it you will wonder what is it ? Well is some herbal chicken soup. Mum said have to drink it don’t know what is the benefit :D

Taste good thought !

Soup Soup









Ignore the oil layer :D haha isnt oily at all just those chicken fats.IngredientsAnd the ingredients. … 


Just like the video ;)

Bored-OME strikes back !


Uniplayer if you wanna solo and multiplayer to play on9 :D Enjoy ~
image 2


dam bored ok :D

here’s the link

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hometown + Highway + Sun + Trees

It’s been long since i last updated. So here it is..

Yesterday when back to my dad’s hometown to do some prayers for my grandfather who passed away for the 100th day…

Departed around 7am from my house, So i was bored…. start taking pictures with the DSLR along the highway… Testing out the function as i’m not familiar with it haha ..
All with different mode and settings.

Mostly of the pictures includes sun and trees and road duh (highway)…..
Not a PRO photographer just a newbie haha

All together 150+ pictures.. Haha can be my portfolio d :P
So i collate everything together :| if not it will take some time to post all….  
Enjoy watching the scenery :D

Roadside sun picture

Roadside sun picture1 Roadside sun picture2

Roadside sun picture4 Roadside sun picture3
There’s a lot more to go (: It’s just viewing pictures what harm can it be done haha “D
Love the picture after this because its taken like in frame in a single shot.

Roadside sun picture6 Roadside sun picture5

Roadside sun picture12 Roadside sun picture11

Roadside sun picture14 Roadside sun picture13

Roadside sun picture16 Roadside sun picture15
Lastly, its just random shot which I compile them together :P

Roadside sun picture17

Phew that’s all the pictures taken.

For now adios readers :) its 2.03Am xD~

Oh and one more thing !
The football match was damn EPIC!

Germany 4 and England 1
It’s like all the weak teams (not consider weak) won over the good teams which everyone thought they will win…..

Cant wait for the SPAIN vs PORTUGAL MATCH on the 29 June. FTW SPAIN !

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Results Out soon


just 2 more days !!! !