Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I need a Good Luck charm! or safety charm o. O?

Well just having a bad day today ==
Gonna keep this post short .

Things not going the way I want it to be !!

……….<something is missing> …………….. < and here>……… <here ! >,…….

AND !!!


Let’s see, something weird happened , nothing to do with anyone .

Is with something !!

Black Out and fainted suddenly at home , after my shower ==
like for a while (am i supposed to blog about it) oh well : X

Cant stop thinking about what i saw ==
Oh Well, Cannot Sleep D =.=’’


  1. hey!! lol.. wat u saw.. & btw, y suddenly faint oo?? take care le.. test is coming..

  2. omg he saw himself going on a date with we siang!!

  3. i didn;t know got ppl comment haha xD
    no lar drink not enough water that time :D