Monday, October 31, 2011

Rocking Galactic Laser in Halloween Style

On the 28th October 2011, went for my very first laser tag  game at Mid-Valley , Galactic Laser. Would like to thank Michelle, to extent out the invite to the event. So a laser tag game with a theme: Halloween, with all the spooky effect, skulls & spiders it was a thrilling event.


Was a given a very warm welcome with a fellow skeleton right outside Galactic Laser. Well it's not as spoookyy as it seems here when they are playing as well.


So we registered ourselves as fellow bloggers when everyone arrived. and let's not forget that it's an unlimited laser tag game (Jumps in excitement, although never play before) Can't wait to actually try something new. because the name "Galactic Laser" sounds so out of this planet :D


The hallway itself was being decorated strips of the black garbage bag and skulls and spiders!!


Haha with spiders and bats and skulls hanging from the wall..
 And avast!! After the hallway reached the deport before head in for the laser tag game.The logo itself was also being decorated with "spider webs" all over!

So besides having an unlimited game of laser tag, we also had free food to go along. The food itself was also prepared "Halloween Style" Enough to full your empty stomach before a game of laser tag and maybe after as well. The food was simple and well good :) Even the drink itself was green in color, perhaps some brain juice to make one more alert during a laser tag game!! * we have in mind it was some kiwi drink and maybe with coloring*

And now moving on to the food section! They served fruits, sandwiches, sausages, noodles, rice, curry chicken and etc.. It was a good meal to begin with. *buffet style I think*


An here's out 3 "friendly" ghost of the day.. Will you be scared if you saw them running around while in a game of laser tag?? 


 So after the meal, we are being called by our number to try out for the game first before we go for another round. So for the others who are not playing yet, they have games for us to play with. They have a karaoke room to go along & an entertainer (her singing was quite good to begin, so kudos to her) & games!!!
While waiting for our turn to play laser tag, we played a game "Murderer" so there was supposed to be 6 murderers ( me & Michelle were the murderers), 6 police and the rest were normal, happy people. The "murderer" were to go around and wink to the other participants and killed them. Those who are being killed must said " I am dead" so turn out the game was pretty fun when almost all the participants were killed. The MC of the day was saying how come the polices were not doing their job. And a small kid killed 6 people *amazed* while i only killed one small kid and i was winking at the kid * like Hey i"m the murderer wink winnk* So finally the "murderer" won and we got ourselves Angry Birds key chain!!

After the "murderer" game, we had the Wrap Your MUMMIES game. So you go round and round wrapping your friend with toilet tissue papers :O 

IMG_1756 IMG_1759
 And after this, it was a game where you have to get an apple without the help of your hand & only uses your mouth to get it. The kids had fun playing it, because all they do was laughing throughout the game.
And it goes a little over... but still the main priority APPLE!!!

So it was finally our turn for a round of laser tag game. Well just one word FUN! haha they were rules for us to follow but later on everyone just feel the game and run here and there! It was a good exercise, because i know i was sweating like i was drenched under the rain. At first it was free for all game and after that we have teams where we camp and well points laser at other players..

From L to R : Me,ChoulyewSslynn, Michelle and Wee Sheong
It was nice meeting you all & fun being a team knocking other teams * I wasn't good at it *
Picture Credits to Michelle

More information on Galactic Laser  you can visit their facebook at Galactic Laser Facebook
It is located at :

T-012A, 3rd Floor, North Court,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-2283 2999

Project 365 - 31st October 2011 (Day 92) :: Prawn Mee ::

So far I guess the best Prawn Mee I had was at SS2 WSK! Haha never fail me to have a good hot meal on a rainy day!

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