Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SPM 2nd week

Done with Add Math - Paper 1 and Paper 2
(hope can pass or get A -if possible)
(60 and above is A1 - is it heard from others ?)
Done with Moral : )
Now this week left Chemistry (Paper 1,2,3 )
gonna get an A for chemistry !!!!
Target 6 down 4 more to go !!

Memories xD (16th November 2008)

(Plain without colour and fonts changed )

15th November 2008

The day before my birthday :
Went out to have dinner with my entire family members xD ( lol)

After that went to FLY FM anniversary party .

Dam crowded with ppl :

Went there to release tension with my other SPM's friend weee : )

(To : Ms Hoo = release tension only not for partying xD )

16th November 2008

The Day I Have waited for : X

Got presents from friends and family member

Cousin gave me a voodoo toy with a neck tie o.O? and others

Friend : Ben got me a Glow in The Dark wrist support & paper weight .

Thank Q ben : )

and other friend as well thanks for the presents : )

Oh and thanks for those who wished me Happy Birthday and Happy Belated Birhtday !!

although is SPM month but gonna celebrate after SPM with my friends : )

Gonna get an i-phone after SPM , may be a Yorkshire Terrier dog if my mum allowed ( i just annoyed her until she let me keep a dog xD), mac ladtop : P and that;s all for the time being

( birthday present )

Mua Haha Ha Ha ..........................

Oh went through my friend's blog and saw one actually sending a wish to me from her blog so Thank Q !! Veri much Arigato !!

Try Clicking On Da Pic to Enlarge : )