Monday, September 14, 2009

My love towards you

 First time writing a poem  free writing xD , may be there is some mistake but i tried = D

I try to reach out to you,
When there is a chance,
It just fade away,

Like a leaf carry by the breeze,
Travel to many places,
I chase and run,
I can't reach out to catch you,
Is this fate,

Is this what God really want,
It can't be true,
I will continue chasing you,
No matter what is in front of me,
I will just continue, and on and on.

And hopefully one day,
With all this effort,
A path can be created,
I'll be able to reach you easily,
Without any hesitation,
I expressed my feelings towards you,

No more hiding,
This is the way to end our suffering that we have long kept....