Saturday, January 31, 2009

imbas kembali xD &Going back to ns soon !!

2moro will be going back to ns d : (

One week just past like a breeze ...... Is too fast , need more holidays !!

hoping that thaipusam got holiday again , ya : )

1st batch is the best compared to 2nd and 3rd batch because there is more holidays and the duration is actually less than 3 months

About 1month and 11 more days to go ~~~


Actually for the 1st week of NS it was bored , because haven mixed around talking to other ppl.

1st day - Bored , no friends xD , brought a luggage bag and the "wira" dorm was far i have to drag my luggage bag ....... (luggage bag was kinda in a bad shape because i somehow destroy or do sth to the luggage bag a it on that day itself be4 leaving from MPPJ.

2nd day - Mixed around , new friends - a lot from pj : ) , food o.O ? - can't ge t used to the food until 2nd week !!!!!

i won't be writing all wat happen , well for the 1st week it wasn't fun for me , but after the 1st week , things start to be a bit fun , cuz there is class in section and more xD

For those who didn't make it to NS , well u lose a change actually . Oh and it also depends where is ur NS site xD (Benum hill Resort, Pahang - 2nd best camp in msia xD ) 1st best camp dunnoe where 8D.