Sunday, January 3, 2010

One more day :?

Bleh going to college 2moro…
Won’t be updating my blog daily, but if there is time i will do it (:

All da best to my friend, Jessica who is at NS (same camp as me (: BHR )
since there is a wild boar around there as you said xD



* continued Trip to Genting :O – Part 2

Even their tables and chairs …

strawberry ><

StrawBerry Chair

Strawberry- Leisure Farm

After that off to Genting Highland :)

Parents went to casino and we are on our own :  D
Shopping ~
First World hotel & Plaza

So we went to First World Hotel
The Christmas Decoration haha :D
*snap snap
A christmas tale

Chocolate elf?


Some elf with long legs Chocolate King o.O Oreo elf  ~

So many things to see (:

santa faked
Xmas Land (: 
* went window shopping, starbucks, and just walk around
starbucks coffee 
at around 7pm we are off… Back home (:
It is so misty at Genting ><
Misty I
Misty II
Can you feel the aura ^^