Friday, November 18, 2011

Zee Avi's Concert in Malaysia at KL Live



Courtesy to Livescape Asia, i was able to catch Zee Avi’s concert at KL live yesterday. Came across some of her music before but I didn’t know it was sung by Zee Avi until yesterday. *being so happy after winning the contest, heads down to KL to see Zee Avi’s concert* It was worth the journey.




Narmi & band

The concert started of with Narmi (drummer from One Buck Short)  and his band. Performing a few songs Tweet in Defiance, Whirl, cair and there’s more (*couldn’t remember :( ZOINKS!)


Right after Narmi and his band done with their performances, it’s Zee Avi’s turn to perform :D


Zee Avi ZEE AVI !!! At last :D ! Been standing for a very long time, while waiting for her to come on stage.


Bitter Heart by Zee Avi

One of the song sung by Zee Avi ( Bitter Heart)


Zee Avi 

Zee Avi The songs which she sang from her New Album : Ghostbird

31 days,

Siboh kitak nangis

The book of morris johnson


Concrete wall ( love this one)

Roll your head in the sun

Stay in the clouds

Moonstone miles

Swell window


It doesn’t stop there.! She sang a few of her other songs as well from her other album (Bitter Heart, Kantoi and Honey Bee) and also a dedication song to her mum (if i’m not mistaken) 妈妈的眼睛.


Kantoi by Zee Avi


Enjoy watching her perform, and she’s proud to be a Malaysian :)  Now being hook to some of her songs =X


*woohooo* claps claps *


Thanks for coming Ivan :D


For more information:


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