Sunday, September 6, 2009

A warning !

Don't tell me that i didn't warned you !

But i DID !

Don;t go over the limit. Everyone has a limit ! And my is almost at its peak..

Don't make me piss off !

I know you are annoying..

But i just bare with it ..

No wonder people say words spoken out from the mouth is sharper than a sword pierce to your heart.

Well, if she/he didn't see this warning, well to bad ...

Life is just unfair haha ^^

If you treat me like that, i just treat you the same way or worst

I treat you like an "animal"

And i just say ,oh is just human reaction .. what do you think ? ..

In the seas and lands, we can see many animals and plants in it.. all with their unique features and all..

Same goes as for the human race.. Many people living on Earth with different races, culutures and attitudes..

Maybe that;s why !

Well, frankly speaking i won't hold up this anger/pain/suffering(o.O?) anymore ..

I'm just letting you know


Sigh ..... Life is just like that ...