Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Night With The Phantom = D


It Wont Be In Text Form, Pictures described everything ^^

(Pictures taken with my camera phone :P )

A Night With The Phantom

Date : Monday, 29th June 2009,

Time :  7.00pm   6.30 pm

Venue: Sunway University College

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Went With My Friends : Yi Zheng, Kelvin Low, Wei Siang ,  Yu Ming and his date !

The Menu = DThe Menu Of The Day = D


6 Main CoursesMenu

Tried the cocktail and mocktail ^^ not bad .. = D

Sparkling Apple ~!

Welcome Drink. If not mistaken is sparkling apple – served in a test tube :/ is it safe i wonder ( free from chemicals and all )

Some lime juice with herbs "/

Almost forgot , this drink as well  = ? (herbs, lime and etc …. ) didn’t specified what drinks is it :/

Then an opening speech and = D food !!! 

Les Legumes !

Les Legumes – greens, leafs, seeds, pods, flowers, manuka balsamic

Quite nice = D

Soupe a l’Oignon

Soupe a l’Oignon – fresh onion soup, deconstructed

There is a ball of cheese in the soup. The Chef said used your tongue and played with the cheese ball ! !!! LOL = D

Then we have Saumon d’Ecosse et Edamame which is Scottish Salmon, slow cooked ; puree of edamame ; salad of appel-fennel

( sigh == forget to take the picture of it :p) its tasty = D

Mangosteen Sherbet

Then we have a break for a while and they served Mangosteen Sherbet .. = D very nice

Baeuf Wagyu et Foie Gras

Baeuf Wagyu et Foie Gras – Wagyu Beef, braised ;  ravioli of foie gras ; baby vegetable

Fruit De La Passion et Tomate

Fruit De La Passion et Tomate – mousse passion fruit; macaron; candied tomato =  D

Guanaja Chocolat

Guanaja Chocolat – valrhona guanaja chocolat, five textures.

came to the last meal, chocolates == , damn full =/ got hyper eating chocolate ! lmao

Finished at 10.30pm and then head back to home  ^^ but overall the food is tasty = D