Thursday, November 20, 2008


Dam wanna get it but Malaysia dun have xD

My dad went to hong kong and saw the i-phone and just called back to confirm with the price ...

My mum told my dad not to buy at hong kong because if got any problems need to go to Hong Kong and get it repaired ...

My mum said go Singapore buy better ==

Still waiting to get the i-phone 3G :X

Some Snapshots Be4 u play the game

You used the mouse in certain part of the game to move around , look around or to take sth ..

Move your mouse to go into the doors : |

In this place i was supposed to lead a girl from the darkness to light . And have to move the mouse to find the shadow and snapped it : )I took her hair only as shown in the camera ..

Wee Jackpot !!! But if you see the camera there is nothing there o. O?

This message is to find the girl in the dark and lead her to the light ..

Can;t see what is it xD

THere is more to go but lazy to put the screenshots, later spoil the fun of the game for the others :X

Go and play it . It's fun : ) + horror

3D game but so like real !!!

Found this game from my friend's blog
Hotel 626
Is a 3D game but it feels so real

They asked for webcam and mic .
no way i gonna put my webcam later is a reality game and with horror and
i just gonna die like that :X

Continue playing on because ..... no idea why ?? HOrror ? Evil ?Death
Should be suitable for chang lin haha

Chemistry Paper - Over At LAst

The Paper For the chemistry is paper is quite easy . Unexpected actually ..
Especially Paper 3 : )

Well for paper one and 2 was ok ~ for me .
Checked d my paper 1 T.T
If count by 100% i got 78 d which is A2

Well if i get A1 or A2 for chemistry , it will be a shocked , because i fail for my chemistry test starting Form 5 onwards . ( sorry Mr Yow xD )

Dun like chemistry and at last it is over !!!!

The tips which i went for the seminar actually helped me to do my paper 2 and paper 3

Over !!!