Thursday, March 11, 2010

CNY- DAY 2 ^^ – Part two

Sorry for this late post :P

CNY mode still on oh :O

aunt giving out ang pow's

Than one of my cousin brought to….. wild boar site seeing ….

Seriously stinks  ! !
monkeys :O
Babymky +Monkey Monkey :D

and my cousin baby got so hype up ^^
Hyper baby cousin Drool on me :)
More more ! i want it :/

And after that went back to my grandma’s house.
Took a nap after that, and when i woke up it was almost 7pm.
Had our dinner and and .. firecrackers &stuff haha 
First attempt failed

It was a failed attempt . Turn out to be some…. rain of fire ??
Attempt: Managed =D
Let the kids turn to try and turn out to be scribbles
Scribbles Scribbles Scribbles Scribbles
And it was big boy turn to play =D
Epicfail ..
Epic fail LOL !
Retarted heart :O
turn out to be a not so heart shape but still is a heart =D
and then go for the easy one  !
Star Galatica !@#! 
A star shape :p
Finale !