Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CNY- DAY 2 ^^ – Part one ;Just started:)


2nd day of CNY went back to my mum’s hometown and my haha :P
At Perak- Pulau Pangkor =D


About 3 and 1/2 hours drive back.
80km/hr – with that speed i don’t think i will reach back in time haha :P
hate those truck… road … block …. need to cut them ….( Petrol/oil/natural gas/ Truck like SHELL, BP haha )
Was like o.O pemandu terlatih where is the P haha xD (me being lame )

Seems far :P
LUMUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and continue ….. continue till reach Sungai Perak .
Sungai Perak anyone?

Half an hour later , almost reach LUMUT ^^
LUMUT & PAngkor
Oh and when we reach got annoyed by the people in charge of the ticketing system …

Waited almost an hour or 2 .. just to get a ride(ferry) from LUMUT to PANGKOR  !!!
and the person in charge kinda racist :P
I shall not talk about it later ISA :O

CNY Day 1 =D

Day 1 of CNY :/
Didn’t do much
Just when back to my dad’s hometown at Tangkak and nothing :O
Collect ang pows greet cousins, makan makan, and etc..

Then back to KL at night :P

So, basically my DAY 1 of CNY was ~~ haha

*only about 1 or 2 pictures taken :p
HAHA lanterns :O