Saturday, March 13, 2010

Earth Hour –Supporters from Malaysia :) still going on !


Thursday, March 11, 2010

CNY- DAY 2 ^^ – Part two

Sorry for this late post :P

CNY mode still on oh :O

aunt giving out ang pow's

Than one of my cousin brought to….. wild boar site seeing ….

Seriously stinks  ! !
monkeys :O
Babymky +Monkey Monkey :D

and my cousin baby got so hype up ^^
Hyper baby cousin Drool on me :)
More more ! i want it :/

And after that went back to my grandma’s house.
Took a nap after that, and when i woke up it was almost 7pm.
Had our dinner and and .. firecrackers &stuff haha 
First attempt failed

It was a failed attempt . Turn out to be some…. rain of fire ??
Attempt: Managed =D
Let the kids turn to try and turn out to be scribbles
Scribbles Scribbles Scribbles Scribbles
And it was big boy turn to play =D
Epicfail ..
Epic fail LOL !
Retarted heart :O
turn out to be a not so heart shape but still is a heart =D
and then go for the easy one  !
Star Galatica !@#! 
A star shape :p
Finale !

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I-Phone service by DIGI

Can’t wait to see what plan DIGI going to offer for the I-Phone plan !





When will the iPhone be available?

The iPhone from DiGi will be launched within the first half of 2010.

What are the packages offered?

These will be revealed after the launch date has been announced.

Where will the launch date be announced?

It will be announced in selected major newspapers and broadcast media.

Who's eligible to get the iPhone from DiGi?

Full details, including the packages and offers will be announced after the launch.

I am an existing DiGi customer, can I purchase an iPhone with my current rate plan?

We'll let you know after the launch.

Will there be any special packages for corporate customers (DiGi Business)?

DiGi will provide attractive offers for all qualifying corporate customers after the official launch date is announced.

I already have an iPhone, when can I switch to DiGi?

If you already have an iPhone, you can switch to any of DiGi's existing Postpaid / Prepaid rate plans. More details here.

I have purchased my iPhone from another operator, can I obtain support for warranty /servicing/replacements, if I switch to DiGi?

Your iPhone warranty is tied to the operator that you purchased the device from. DiGi will not provide support for warranty / servicing / replacements for devices purchased from other operators/countries.

Can I pre-order the iPhone today?

Pre-orders / advanced booking will be announced soon. Please check for the latest announcements.

*Got the information from DIGI website- FAQ

Seriously.. If we ever meet again :P

Destiny will bring things us together =D

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goldfish= GOLD = Need $ to maintain it :p

Wanted to buy the goldfish before CNY but my mum suggest to buy after CNY .. scared that one or two might die during CNY ~ than bad luck?
Bought from pet store : Ikano and Taman Megah

First of all the tank plus canister, substrate everything expensive oh :O
Plus the goldfish = gold
@.@ money flying away lor !


some shit that needed :/
very expensive again ==” because some cheap brands not reliable :P

At least the food is cheap , only cost about RM17
Fish Food  ~

The Gold+Fishes:



Tough to get perfect pictures of the fish as they are constantly swimming in the tank :/
 Gold+fishes4 Golf+fishes5 Gold+fishes6 Gold+fishes7

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CNY- DAY 2 ^^ – Part one ;Just started:)


2nd day of CNY went back to my mum’s hometown and my haha :P
At Perak- Pulau Pangkor =D


About 3 and 1/2 hours drive back.
80km/hr – with that speed i don’t think i will reach back in time haha :P
hate those truck… road … block …. need to cut them ….( Petrol/oil/natural gas/ Truck like SHELL, BP haha )
Was like o.O pemandu terlatih where is the P haha xD (me being lame )

Seems far :P
LUMUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and continue ….. continue till reach Sungai Perak .
Sungai Perak anyone?

Half an hour later , almost reach LUMUT ^^
LUMUT & PAngkor
Oh and when we reach got annoyed by the people in charge of the ticketing system …

Waited almost an hour or 2 .. just to get a ride(ferry) from LUMUT to PANGKOR  !!!
and the person in charge kinda racist :P
I shall not talk about it later ISA :O

CNY Day 1 =D

Day 1 of CNY :/
Didn’t do much
Just when back to my dad’s hometown at Tangkak and nothing :O
Collect ang pows greet cousins, makan makan, and etc..

Then back to KL at night :P

So, basically my DAY 1 of CNY was ~~ haha

*only about 1 or 2 pictures taken :p
HAHA lanterns :O