Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vietnam trip

Vietnam Trip was fun . I gonna keep everything short : )

Go to Hanoi and Halong : P

Travel in plane and than bus for a long hour to reach hanoi and to halong.

first day , reach hanoi. After that went to a restaurant to have our lunch .

delicious cuisine

Then we also visit a temple the first day : P


after that we took the cyclo (trishaw )

the traffic was bad though.

4 way traffic and the cars come from diff side .

Scary experience ,
Cuz scared being bang by car or motorcycle.

2 nd day .

Go to ho chi minh mausolem and another place which i had forgotten
Great place to relax .

3rd day.

Go to halong .
3hr bus drive

Reach a ceramics factory on the way back .

Reach halong and stayed at asean hotel at halong. which is a good hotel cuz it is facing the ocean.

After that the whole day we were out at the sea.

Rented a large boat .

Travel out towards the sea and took some nice pic as well .

So fun and relaxing .
And then saw a person which looks like my cousin. But then is not him : P

Reach a mountain and the tour guide told some stories xD

At night have dinner in the boat .
Ship moving up and down xD

At night travel to the night market.
Bought some key chains for my friends xD


Next day go back to hanoi ----> MAlaysia !!

flight delayed bored .........

wasted a lot of time at the airport.

freaking dulan !

At the end reach the Malaysia at 12am . Sigh ==

After back from vietnam , the next day was sunday school trip : P