Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just bored :D





A post for today : D



Only one more day till 31st December


New Year


Holiday almost over ><


Found this game so much better than MapleSea xD ~ 

Will stop playing when holidays is over T.T


Just some server features are detailed below.

Rates: 400x EXP, 4000x Meso, 20x Drop, 20x Boss Drop
Custom Made Occupation System: A class system made with each class having separate properties.
The Return of the Chickens: Yes, we are hinting something here.
Custom Rebirth System: Easy to use, but challenging. We don't spoonfeed everything now.
Custom Max Stat System: Think you saw a good max stat system? We allow you to make anything max stat!
Stockmarket: Hurray for mindless gambling.
Custom Training Maps and Hangout Maps: A training island of Amsherst, HHG and a lot more coming up, as well as maps such as sauna - easy to warp to, fun to hang out in.
The Stylist: Free gender, hair, ear and skin changes! All updated.
Friendly Help: We strive to keep the newbies notified! With a tutorial island, friendly command system and a super help NPC, learn at your own pace!
Client Hacks: Our server is one of the two to have UFJ with Floor Jump (credits: Eason, Will and Sunny), Super Tubi, Spam Hack, No Damage Cap and Swear Filter removed!
Rate NPC: Ever tired of the same rates? Or cooldowns lasting too long or buffs lasting too short? We have an NPC that can increase this!
The Henesys Build: Every NPC you just about need is available in Henesys!
No Quest Bubble: Well, we aren't GMS so we don't need it :)!
The Mega Equipment Shop: An NPC that sells just about any equip that exists!
Superior Chicken Trading: Yes, we have mounts, morphs and megaphones for you to try.


Quite a nice game to play xD ~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Outing at sunway lagoon when was at Form 2 or Form 3 haha


Look back at the pictures and i found a bunch of pictures that i didn’t know that I took before.. ha

hahaha xD

The picture is blur . No idea why xD




sunway group!

Group picture  ~

New look

Busy setting up a new look for this blog.

This or the old one is better ><


enjoy : D

*feel like i destroy my blog layout*


Comic . Funny xD

While browsing through the comics , saw this one dam funny xD from

Cyanide and Happiness by ROB

(*sing with the little mermaid song)


Comic from

Monday, December 28, 2009

Post for the fishy : D

Stupid tetras either die of old age or skin disease….

Fish Tank:

Penguin Tetra, Neon Tetra, Silvertip Tetra


Picture of Silvertip Tetra - Hasemania nana. Copyright

Picture of Neon Tetra - Paracheirodon innesi. Copyright


Picture of Penguin Tetra - Thayeria boehlkei. Copyright

* Pictures taken from*

Mum said not nice , since they are dying or some which are still alive, release them and breed goldfish instead o.O…

Goldfish damn a lot of species.. dunnoe which one also nice which one not nice..

Oranda Goldfish ?


Calico Oranda Goldfish - Picture by Radio KJ


Ryukin Goldfish - Picture by Radio KJ


Comet goldfish?


Fantail goldfish?

Oh well off to the pet shop tommorow to see which one is better… but everytime see all those goldfish with the huge eye either one eye *burst* which left them an eye goldfish xD… or some too heavy and cant swim xD!!


BB tetra fishes :/



After exams which is the last day of college too ><

Went to sunway pyramid after the exams. Very little picture taken xD

 Kevin Lim

The Gang Chern Xi & siaw Wei

At subway xD

The yellow couple

And there goes edward posing xD  !Edward first shot

First posed !

Edward 2nd shot

Second posed xD!

Last Shot

Third posed !

Haha edward xD

Editing something xD


I dunnoe who did it but dam funny xD ~

  Then off to movie xD . . . . ..   ..  .

MUFY last day ( way back then)

Sorry for the late post >:D . Lazy update haha ^^

College ended ( not for me) for the others and now they are off leaving me alone at sunway college for another semester .. Sigh ==

Late post: Only Pictures xD

Wei Siang 

Maths B

Math B Class : D


Nicolas SaitoXuan Lin

The two first friend i met at college. One going to Monash ( all the best) & the other one at VU ( will be seeing u again haha )


Biology A

Biology A Class

kevin Lim

At least someone from KDU is at Sunway College haha xD but your going to MONASH ! ( all the best )

English B

English B Class ><


DSC_0170 DSC_0179