Thursday, July 1, 2010

Im hungry :O

Talking about food makes me hungry even more !
Aye so my mum was out and lunch !

So spaghetti that is !

The simple and normal  type spaghetti with tomato sauce :)

Ingredients of the day :

Spaghetti Tomato :) The brand which my family always used :) PREGO  amore del marchio !

And so ~ waited for like 10-20 min for the spaghetti to be ready be4 serving haha :P

Spaghetti done !&

up close view of the sauce

the sauce
there is chicken, big onion, carrot, herbs, bay leaf and olive oil :)

And that’s my lunch…. Spaghetti with tomato sauce : P 

Just can’t post my post at innit @nkazizi

Direct to  @nkazizi

As you were saying, you are trying to post but you cant right ? your facing

Add new post

cant post

the solution is to use other browser . In such case i’m using goggle chrome >> and i have that error  ( exceeded max no.of tries) so i used mozilla firefox to post my new post instead :)

or @dori_lukey another one u can  clear browser history!


hope that helps :D it just a brief explanation !

It’s always raining !


The rain just doesn’t stop dropping from the sky! Is it the monsoon season now ??
makes me so sleep everyday :X

Yawnz :O

Raining seasonThe battle between the dark and light side xD !!raining season I

*pictures taken while in the car :P