Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just bored :D





A post for today : D



Only one more day till 31st December


New Year


Holiday almost over ><


Found this game so much better than MapleSea xD ~ 

Will stop playing when holidays is over T.T


Just some server features are detailed below.

Rates: 400x EXP, 4000x Meso, 20x Drop, 20x Boss Drop
Custom Made Occupation System: A class system made with each class having separate properties.
The Return of the Chickens: Yes, we are hinting something here.
Custom Rebirth System: Easy to use, but challenging. We don't spoonfeed everything now.
Custom Max Stat System: Think you saw a good max stat system? We allow you to make anything max stat!
Stockmarket: Hurray for mindless gambling.
Custom Training Maps and Hangout Maps: A training island of Amsherst, HHG and a lot more coming up, as well as maps such as sauna - easy to warp to, fun to hang out in.
The Stylist: Free gender, hair, ear and skin changes! All updated.
Friendly Help: We strive to keep the newbies notified! With a tutorial island, friendly command system and a super help NPC, learn at your own pace!
Client Hacks: Our server is one of the two to have UFJ with Floor Jump (credits: Eason, Will and Sunny), Super Tubi, Spam Hack, No Damage Cap and Swear Filter removed!
Rate NPC: Ever tired of the same rates? Or cooldowns lasting too long or buffs lasting too short? We have an NPC that can increase this!
The Henesys Build: Every NPC you just about need is available in Henesys!
No Quest Bubble: Well, we aren't GMS so we don't need it :)!
The Mega Equipment Shop: An NPC that sells just about any equip that exists!
Superior Chicken Trading: Yes, we have mounts, morphs and megaphones for you to try.


Quite a nice game to play xD ~