Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Project 365 - 8th November 2011 (Day 100) :: Chatime ::

Finally the 100th day!! That means another 265 day more to go :O Today fetched my sis to her college at hartamas. Went out without having my breakfast! At the end went to Publika, Eat Food Village and had Chilli Pan Mee for breakfast.. And chatime was just nearby so ordered Roasted Milktea with Grass Jelly.

Quote: Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch.


  1. oooh.. was there last weekend.. did u use the buy 2 free 1 offer? but then again, who's gonna drink all that right? :D

  2. @Merryn

    the churpout session?? haha 3 is just too much for me :p