Monday, August 8, 2011

Project 365 - 8th August 2011 (Day 9)

Went to SS2 pasar malam just now & stumble upon a look alike crocs! Looks like tiger paws :)


  1. Why the pic macam taken in air con room!! WHY U GO HIGH CLASS PASAR MALAM? lol! got try on the slippers? ahhah!

  2. kids favorite type of shoe . . . if those shoe is rejected , better not to wear it. Leg will get some infection and grow red red.

  3. Cool shoes, good grip to it too. Must be easy to climb the trees with :)

  4. @Yew >> HAHA where got high class pasar malam!! Taman Connaught only lar haha

    @Kian Fai>> HAha it caught my eye =D

    @Thristhan>> thanks for the visit bro =) never try it yet XD!