Saturday, October 9, 2010

Something tasty to share with (:

Food review @ Fullhouse – Sunway Giza

Last week (03.10.2010, Sunday)
Time: Time: 3pm (arrival)

How to get there?


Bloggers: Tan Thong Kai , Lisa Tan Torres, Rachel Shiling, Henry Tan , Simon So, Chee Li Kee , Lam HooiNee , Jayren Hann Yaw Kwan , Yong Xiang Teoh ,Shannon Chow ,HenRy , Feeq and more (forgot d!  >w<).

So when everyone arrived, we were all introduced to their new drinks and foods in their menu.

 Next stop DRINKS (:

DSC_0603 # 1

DSC_0569 # 2 DSC_0611 # 3

DSC_0590  # 4

DSC_0620# 5 ( the pink color drink )

Awesome drinks :D not to sweet too and Especially those magic ball !! Pops in da mouth :P !
I preferred # 2 and # 3 :D KIWI and DRAGONFRUIT ftw :D

Moving on to the FOOD!!!!

Final Stop of the day FOODS & DESSERTS :D


   # Dessert 1
Flavorful moist cake with mascarpone cheese and expresso flavor sponge.
Comment: OISHI !!! <3 Tiramisu. It’s tasty ^^

# Dessert 2
A classic flavor topped with  a layer of golden brown caramel.
Comment: Not bad, but I don’t like to eat creme brulee :P.


# Dessert 3
Temptation dark chocolate mousse filled in chocolate cup.
Comment: Chocolates are always tempting enough <3 Tasty + the sweetness !


# Dessert 4
A Creamy Cheese cake with blueberry feelings
Comment: At first you see this, you will think its a cheese cake. That’s what i thought. Didn’t know there was blueberry in it :D Lovers of blueberry cheese will love this :D


# Dessert 5
Homemade custard cream fills in choux puff with vanilla chocolate sauce.
Comment: It was my first time having this profiteros, at first i look a it, i thought they were ice cream and bread together haha :P With almond all over :D its a tasty tasty dessert :D

So moving on with the soups ;D


# Soup 1 (not new dish)
Fresh shitake mushroom soup with toasted almonds
Comments: Fan of mushroom soups :D CRAVE FOR IT HAHA !! The mushroom soups was splendid ! Nice ~


# Soup 2
A new french classic served with clam meat and a touch of cream.
Comment: Tasty enough to fill me stomach :D

And lastly the main course :D


# MC 1
Sauteed spaghetti with clam meat in olive oil, touch of chilli flakes.
Comment: The spaghetti wasn’t that spicy but was better than the other spaghetti i had before at Fullhouse :P

# MC 2
Sauteed spaghetti with oyster mushroom, chicken broth and asian flavor.


# MC 3 (not new dish)
Comment: Tasty potato with the chicken :D


# MC 4
Pan Sear seabass on a bed of spinach with miso cream sauce and tempura oyster mushroom.
Comment: Have to eat it when it’s still hot :D Oishi.


# MC 5
Fresh oyster with tomato celery, lemon grass lycee and citrus. Served in 3 shots.
Comment : Didn’t really get to try it! But it looks good :D


# MC 6
Braised Lamb shank with ratatouille and thyme emulsion.
Comment: You can’t taste the lamb, as it was covered by the sauce, so good for those who doesn’t eat lamb too haha.


# MC 7
Sesame bun with teriyaki chicken and lecture.


# MC 8
Smoked salmon slice with fresh mango and boutique salad.
Comments: Salmon lover will surely enjoy this meal :D Superb !!


  # MC 9 (not new dish)
Served with garden salad and wasabi mayonnaise.


# MC 10 ( Fast & Best Selling)
Grilled chicken thigh served  with mashed potato, daily vegetable and black pepper raisin jus
Comment: No wonder is fast and best selling ! The chicken is grilled and it tasted really good with the black pepper raisin jus all over it! The mashed potato, (Y) thumbs up !


# MC 11
Stuffed with mushroom, sauteed daikon and chinese herb jus.


# MC 12
Baked oyster with spinach and cheese sauce.
Comment: Taste good and the cheese wasn’t that strong too !

Disclaimer : All the comments is based on my own opinion :D It may varies for each individual :D

Thank Q to Henry Tan for the invitation for the food review :)


  1. OMG! Can't stand with food anymore........always feel hungry.

  2. food pic is damn awesome! makes me hungry. rar ;x

  3. i always wanted to go to fullhouse..
    but till today havent visit also.. lol

  4. @nebular , @tehtarik thanks for the visit :D
    @ji-ann hehe xD!
    @ken same as me was my first time there :D

  5. they better taste just as good as they seem they are lol the magic balls are so tiny! :p