Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goldfish= GOLD = Need $ to maintain it :p

Wanted to buy the goldfish before CNY but my mum suggest to buy after CNY .. scared that one or two might die during CNY ~ than bad luck?
Bought from pet store : Ikano and Taman Megah

First of all the tank plus canister, substrate everything expensive oh :O
Plus the goldfish = gold
@.@ money flying away lor !


some shit that needed :/
very expensive again ==” because some cheap brands not reliable :P

At least the food is cheap , only cost about RM17
Fish Food  ~

The Gold+Fishes:



Tough to get perfect pictures of the fish as they are constantly swimming in the tank :/
 Gold+fishes4 Golf+fishes5 Gold+fishes6 Gold+fishes7

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